The Good Fight

From different experiences, leading different organizations, 18 young gun control activists come together for the first time to ‘workshop peace’. Think leaders from Parkland, Columbine and Pulse. But they are not just from experiences with mass shootings but fighting to end gun violence of every kind - this is The Good Fight.

Mentored by Nobel Peace Laureates Jody Williams and Takkawol Karman they will together continue to change the world. Jody received the Nobel in 1997 for her role in eliminating land mines, Takkawol in 2011 for spearheading the Arab Spring.

Brought together and led by PeaceJam, a global US based non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNERS MENTORING YOUTH TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

Documentary series in development. Co-produced by PhotoSF and PeaceJam.